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Winkle Brig register so far - if the sail number is a hyperlink, it will take you to some pictures/more information of that boat.

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Sail number Name Date Built Location Notes Owner
WB1Winkle OneUKSailed in Scotland - previous owner Ian ReynoldsJim Davies
WB2PeriwinkleUKDerbyshireKeith Muncey and Caro Inglis
WB4Penguin, (ex Pelican 4)UKOwned by Philip Starkey since 2014. On swinging mooring in Teignmouth Harbour.Philip Starkey
WB5PuffinIrelandSchullSheena Jolley
WB6PelicanUKSails on Chichester HarbourJohn Jarvis
WB7Minim1987UKSalisburyRick Ladds
WB9TendagonFranceSails on the River Rance in BrittanyNick Baker
WB10SiimuUKGloucestershireAndrew Grady (previously Peter King)
WB14Gragh Mo CridheNew Mexico USAFinan Gavahan
WB15MarkieUKNorfolk BroadsDavid Cawston
WB16MarraUKMoray Firth in ScotlandJohn Murdoch
WB17Maud (ex Queen Norah)UKOriginally Queen Norah. Currently based in Ipswich, sailing on South and East coastsDean Berry (previously Owen Hines)
WB18Sea JadeUKOriginally called 'Sea Jade of Hamble', spent 10 years on the River Alde in Suffolk. Then based in Falmouth. Bought in 2020 by Gerard Brown of Milton Keynes and renamed back to her original Sea Jade.Gerard Brown
WB20TiggiUKBased in GloucestershireJohn Seymour
WB22WhimbrelUKNorfolk BroadsMalcolm Brearley & Belinda Bryan
WB23Two PinsUKBased at Wareham, DorsetStephen Mathewson
WB25RogueUKOriginally called 'Helsam 2' and based in Bournemouth, then named 'Reverie' at St Ives, then at Chichester, now at Treluggan on the Lynher River. Now owned by Ross Waddams.Ross Waddams
WB28DrywNetherlandsUsually sails at Paterswoldsemeer near GroningenHarry Wolters
WB30StellaUKRiver Bann
WB31ConstanceSuffolkWas Ireland, now Suffolk.Kevin Young
WB33Jemima PuddleduckUK??
WB36CalidrisUKRiver Deben, Essex, UK - open Day Boat featured in the BBC report on the 1989 Southampton Boat Show - see VideosGeoffrey Osborn
WB37JenyaTanUKLake District, Cornwall, Pembrokeshire, Northumbria, BroadsRoger Harris & Suzy Downer
WB38Saucy GirlUKFor sale Sept 2011
WB39RuwachAustraliaQueensland, Gold Coast. This is an open day-boat Winkle BrigSimon Hill
WB41Hosanna1990UKOwned since 1994.Mike Beamish
WB43Tealia IIIrelandDay-boat, Carrick on ShannonEoghan Cleare, previously Michael Armitt
WB46Peggoty1991UKDerwentwater, CumbriaClive and Anne Rand
WB48PartanUKBristol, Lake District and South CoastPaul Thomas
WB49PeriUKWinkle Brig day boatJohn and Jane Key
WB50Thurn TooUKNorfolk Broads and Lake districtKeith and Barbara Dennis
WB52Doreen CUKEnglish south coastTim and Liz Dodwell
WB53Sea Horse (ex Plaedes)UKOpen day-boat, was in East Anglia, in Scotland in 2009, now in the New Forest. Previously owned by Adam Sinclair, then by Mary King in Isle of White. Sold July 2020 to someone in Bembridge.
WB54Philomena (ex Littorina)UKPreviously owned by Ian Aitchison, then by Rob Fairclough, now by Yvonne MitchellYvonne Mitchell
WB55Not knownAn open day boat, featured at the 1991 Southampton Boat Show - see Videos
WB56Jessie RuffUKBob BarfootWB56 - Bob Barfoot's Winkle Brig Jessie Ruff
WB58SkylarkAlnmouthSold in 2015, renamed from 'Skylark'. Sold in 2017; name reverted to Skylark.Oliver Whiting
WB60TiamatUKAn open day boat, sailed in ScotlandJohn Keith (ex Iain Prain)
WB61Martha (ex Tarkie)1992UKWest Country and Helford Passage (sold 2017)Previously Joe and Alison Simmonds
WB62WinkleUKSails the East Coast rivers of England. Rigged as a yawl with staysail.Pat Arnold (ex Martin Cartwright)
WB63HollyUKDerbyshireColin Pratt
WB64Annie ElizabethNetherlandsDaan Fokkema
WB65Titsou (ex Henrietta)FranceLa RochelleJean-Alain Berlaud (previously owned by Chris Eker)
WB66KobusNetherlandsFriesland, North Netherlandsex Andries Duifhuis
WB69Leneken (ex Krafty Kate)GermanyDuemmer LakeMathis & Natalie Wissemann (Previously owned by Kate and Paul Clarkson)
WB73Mary EllenUKKielder WaterTony Burns
WB75JowettwoNetherlandsSails in the NetherlandsJan Wismeijer
WB76De Ver-Gezel NetherlandsMeppel, NetherlandsBart Braat (formerly Hans-Piet van Sprang (formerly Siebren Baars, then Ruben Blanken))
WB77Ex LibrisNetherlandsBeake Siebenga
WB79H. H. Potje (ex Nomada)NetherlandsSold in 2014. Renamed after the new owner's seaman great-grandfather who was lost at sea in 1870.Ade Hollander
WB81Bittern (ex Bonnie)UKNorfolkPhil & Fiona Johnson (ex Chris and David Graham)
WB83Mizzy1983UKEric Wallington
WB84GuscettoItalyLago MaggioreGiancarlo Masciangelo
WB86BrittaGermanyUmpferstedt/WeimarKlaus and Annette Schoder
WB87SarumUKCarlislePaul Hammond (ex Stuart Moyes)
WB88Isis (ex Brig o'Dale)UKNorth WalesJane & Nigel Webb
WB90??Aberdeen?Douglas Paterson
WB91PuffinUKKielder Water NorthumberlandKen Lewis
WB92Liza Shaw1993UKLake DistrictFor Sale?
WB92DMoonfleetUKWB Dayboat on the Medway in KentJack Diaper
WB93Cressy1993UKConiston WaterJohn & Diane Burton
WB95Heligan1994UKWas kept on the River Thames at Cookam Dean - now soldEx Mike Seller, now Paul Butler
WB96??NetherlandsAmsterdam?Formerly Ingrid Visser
WB97Bumble BeeUKSalcombe, DevonTimothy Maynard
WB98Sea Pickle (ex Polly Ann)UKSouthwick Marina, Shoreham-by-SeaTim Barclay
WB99SallyUKWinkle Brig day boat sailed in the SolentTim Pentreath
WB100WigeonUKChichester HarbourSam Berey (Ex Chris Tanner) (Ex Babs and Phil Shimmin)
WB101GertieUKSouthamptonDavid Wood & Catriona Jennings
WB102TomkatUKNot currently sailing anywhereAlan Rigley
WB103NutmegUKRiver Stour, Essex – currently for saleTony Ryan (owned since 2008)
WB105SeaflowerGermanyJohannes & Marcus Fisher
WB106CockleUKBembridgeRobin and Renee Stringfellow (ex Graham Newton and Melanie Nichols)
WB107HopeUKLake ConistonDavid Bone
WB108CoombeUKWinkle Brig dayboat, Norfolk Broads. John Green (previously Richard Salisbury)
WB110IrelandCobh, Cork HarbourTom O’Sullivan
WB112KairosUKAshlett CreekJulian & Karen Pearson (ex Simon Norton)
WB116PatienceUKBlackwaterBrian Goodborn
WB117??Jan 2008??On sale in the Netherlands??
WB120Vrouw Kirsten (ex Twinkel1999GermanyPrevious GIGI - PEGGYBELL - TWINKEL. Now sailing at Duemmer Lake.Gerold Bueschen
WB122Kate2007NetherlandsThe last one built in 2000, now in the NetherlandsBarend Nieuwendijk
PuffinPuffin (formerly Catherine Louise)UKNorthumberlandNick Jones
West CoastWest Coast